The housing market has many homeowners embracing the “don’t move, improve” mentality with small improvements and smart upgrades to increase a home’s style, comfort and functionality.

One room always topping renovation wish lists: The bathroom especially master baths and high-traffic powder rooms, as homeowners are interested in introducing the latest design elements into these spaces. Whether you’re planning for a few small upgrades or a major overhaul, these tips can help you transform your bathroom into a serene space that’s full of style and function.

Add style, save water

Installing a new faucet is an easy way to add to the space’s aesthetic and to conserve water. According to the EPA, faucets account for 15 percent of indoor home water use that’s more than 1 trillion gallons of water in the U.S. each year. Selecting a WaterSense-certified faucet from a reputable faucet manufacturer, such as Kohler, reduces water flow by 30 percent or more without sacrificing performance. Learn more at


Increase storage

Clutter not only detracts from a bathroom’s look, it also hinders functionality during the morning and evening routines. If your home was built or upgraded 20 or more years ago, chances are it has a medicine cabinet for extra bathroom storage. Homeowners may be inclined to remove the cabinet completely and hang a huge mirror in its place, but the Robern R3 Series Mirrored Cabinets provide a DIY and budget-friendly upgrade.

Installing R3 is fast and easy. A 1-inch flange around the cabinet’s perimeter covers the wall’s raw edges and imperfections left behind from the previous installation, which eliminates the need for retiling or re-plastering. Available in seven sizes, the R3 series has cantilever shelves for a custom-built appearance, as well as three mirrored surfaces the outside, inside the door and the interior of the cabinet. A slow-close feature also comes standard, which prevents the door from slamming shut.

Lighten up

Lighting makes a huge difference in a room’s mood and ambiance. And when it comes to tasks in front of the mirror, such as shaving or makeup application, proper lighting is even more important. If the space doesn’t get much natural sunlight, select natural daylight bulbs to enhance skin tone.


Combining the right light sources is equally important. Combat the shadows overhead lighting can cast on the face by installing wall sconces on each side of the mirror to diffuse light evenly and provide better illumination.

Install new flooring

Replacing worn carpet with tile or laminate floors not only provides a new look to complement the rest of the upgrades, but it also can adjust the environment via temperature and texture. Tiles help to make floors cooler in summertime, while wood enhances the visual warmth of the room.

Bathroom upgrades continue to hold their worth in return on investment while also providing a serene relaxation spot for homeowners to enjoy for several years. Even small enhancements and smart fixes can make a huge difference no huge expense or major demolition necessary.

[photo]The Robern R3 Series Mirrored Cabinets, a DIY and budget-friendly upgrade, feature 1-inch flange around the cabinet’s perimeter to cover the wall’s raw edges and imperfections left behind from the previous installation, which eliminates the need for retiling or re-plastering.