As the uncertainty over our economy grows, now more than ever before it has become important to support our local companies. This responsibility falls not only on the local consumers supporting local businesses, but it also is imperative that businesses start looking toward supplying domestic products to support our own economy.

At Hawaii Home Expo, we stock materials from all over the world, but we also try to be sure to have options for the consumers that are conscious about buying American.

To that end, we are a proud representative of FlorimUSA and the incredible selection of tiles that they offer. FlorimUSA is one of the largest and most technologically advanced porcelain facilities in North America. Some of the things we’ve come to appreciate about the FlorimUSA line are:


* “Sustainable Tile” made with natural and recycled materials

* Operated under ISO9001 certification

* Products for both interior and exterior applications

* Products for both commercial and residential applications


* Millions of square feet of tile in stock and ready to ship at all times

* Manufacturing and warehousing of products occur under the same roof (Domestic shipping saves time, money and resources)

There are more than 30 product lines to select from, all with unique looks and styles. One of the tiles that has quickly become a favorite in the local market is the Quartztech line, which makes use of digital imaging technology to give the tiles a unique, realistic appearance with a variety of patterns from tile to tile. These tiles imitate almost exactly the real stones that come from China. Although the price for the porcelain might be a fraction higher than the equivalent-size stone, there are some important factors to consider.

Although there are different prints and color variation, the range of color is much tighter than that of real stone. Tiles also are a consistent thickness and will be much easier to install, which should lead to savings on labor. And because porcelain tiles are designed to be non-porous, there is no need to use chemical sealants that are required for natural stone. And this is just one of the lines they carry. To view them all, visit Hawaii Home Expo at 2933 Koapaka St.

Address: 2933 Koapaka St
Contact: 695-3976



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