Just because it’s 5 o’clock doesn’t mean the work-day is over. In fact, 84 percent of women and 67 percent of men, on average, do some sort of household activities, such as housework and cooking, every day. With so much time spent in the kitchen, there are certain tools that you just shouldn’t live without: especially those that make work easier, cleanup faster and results more professional.

The kitchen is the social center of the home. It’s the place that requires the most functionality and top products to help you prep food, cook and serve — with ease.

Get ready for an instant update with these 13 must-have kitchen products:

1. Quality cookware

You can’t get far without investing in a quality cook-ware set, such as Emeril’s new stainless steel with copper cookware. The 10-or 14-piece set has internal measuring marks on sauce pans and stock pots for extra convenience and the copper bases heat food uniformly and fast.

2. A functional, fashionable faucet

What does a faucet have to do with cooking? Everything! Just think of how much time you spend at the sink, so why not update this kitchen focal point with a new functional and fashionable faucet? You need a good faucet with a restaurant-style, pulldown or pullout sprayer for cleaning fruits and vegetables; but it’s also important for fast and efficient cleanup.


The Moen Anabelle Eco-Performance faucet features this unique design — with the added benefit of up to 32 percent water savings. And, to save time on cleanup, Anabelle is available in Moen’s exclusive Spot Resist Stainless finish that does just what it says — resists fingerprints and water spots.

3. Measuring up

Measuring cups and scales are necessities for every recipe. How about saving a step with a device that measures both volume and weight? The Maxim 2-in-1 Jug and Scales makes this possible with a built-in digital scale. Capable of holding up to one full liter, it displays the weight on a small LCD screen.

4. Spice it up

Spice racks are convenient, but often take up valuable counter space. The 12-Can Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack is a convenient way to store all your spices and herbs. Simply mount the shelf to your wall, allowing the magnetic canisters to be placed on top or hang beneath.

5. A cut above the rest

Whether you’re carving your holiday feast or chopping and dicing an everyday meal, a good set of knives is a must. Cutco offers knives for all occasions and backs their performance with the Forever guarantee that includes performance, sharpness and replacement services.

6. Chop, chop, chop

Protect your fingers from sharp knives with the Chef’s Catalog’s Stainless-steel Finger Guard. Fitting around the middle finger, the guard allows you to grip food while still providing protection.

7. Heating up the kitchen

Never worry again if your meat creations are heated to the proper temperature. The Lakeland Kitchen Thermometer Fork has a digital display to ensure you can now serve up your favorite family meal.

8. All-in-one


Today’s blenders aren’t just for making smoothies. How about one machine that can do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and perform more than 50 different processes? The Vitamix 5200 can help you prepare dinner by cooking soup, kneading dough, grinding grains and even make ice cream for dessert.

9. Baked to perfection

As you think about delec-table desserts, you don’t want to worry that they’ll stick to the bottom of the baking sheet or pan. With the Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Non-Stick Quarter Sheet, you’ll be able to enjoy your baked foods without this worry. The ceramic coating helps to release foods without sticking and is dishwasher safe.

10. Pizza, pizza

Who doesn’t love a slice of good ol’ pizza pie? Cutting the slice without losing most of the toppings is half the battle. The Pizza Pro, available on QVC.com, helps to eliminate this problem. Serving as kitchen shears and spatula in-one, you can safely cut and serve slices.

11. More cheese, please

Adding grated cheese to the perfect pasta dinner is now as easy as pressing a button. The Power Cheese Grater can shred, slice or grate up to two kinds of cheese — and even spices. This battery-powered device also offers convenient storage.

12. Cheers

You spent hours in the kitchen slaving away on the perfect meal, so don’t forget the perfect wine to accompany it. And, to ensure you have the most enhanced flavor and finish, try the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator.

13. Cup of Joe

Whether it’s your morning pick-me-up, or to spoil your dinner guests, everyone can enjoy their favorite beverage in no time with a Keurig brewing system. The unique single-beverage system allows you to select your favorite coffee or tea, press the button and in under a minute enjoy the beverage.