Are you tired of your table? Is your dresser looking drab?

Don’t worry — it’s easy to update your current furniture with a coat of paint and have it looking fabulous in no time.


In fact, homeowners can find inspiration to update their home by visiting a variety of websites, including or Both offer step-by-step project directions, such as this unique table and chairs project.

Materials needed: table and chairs, Krylon Dual paint and primer spray paint in two complementary colors (example: Regal Blue and Khaki), a screwdriver, painter’s tape and a drop cloth.


• Set up a well-ventilated spray area by covering a flat work surface and the floor with a drop cloth.
• Disassemble the table top and chair bases from the legs and then clean all surfaces.
• Cover or fill screw holes with small pieces of tape so that paint does not clog the holes.
• To paint the table top, turn it upside down and first paint the bottom surface.
• Once it’s dry, turn the table top right side up and elevate it by 2 to 3 inches to ensure coverage of the edges.
• When painting the chairs, begin by inverting them and painting the bottom sides first. Be sure to paint from every side so that you don’t miss any surface. Allow to dry completely, turn right side up and finish painting from each side.
• To paint the base of the table, spray one side at a time, allowing it to dry in between.
• Finally, closely inspect each piece before you reassemble to make sure that the surfaces are fully covered.


In a short time, and with minimal investment, you can create a table and chairs that look like new. For more information on other projects or products from Krylon, visit