A home is meant to be a calm retreat from chaos. Drawing from eighth-century design inspiration, shoji screens are sliding wood panels that incorporate rice paper stretched over the frame. Letting in soft light, the rice paper remains opaque and adds a calming effect with the rhythmic designs of the wood. Many homeowners today include shoji screens in their spaces to harness functional design with inspired style.

Terrance Maloney of Portlandshojiscreen.com chooses sliding door hardware he can trust for all his modern and functional shoji screens. Maloney built his first shoji screen in 1980 and creates stand-out screens for commercial and residential spaces. With intelligent design and versatile product lines, he’s been able to provide his customers flawless work since his business opened in 2000.

Having built more than 680 shoji screens, Maloney exclusively specifies Johnson Hardware. Through the years, Maloney has tried several door hardware systems from manufacturers all over the world.

When asked to create a space for guests to relax within a home office, Maloney designed a private guest area behind subtle and demure sliding shoji panels inspired by the calming view of the ocean.