H.K. Construction Corp has built an empire as one of the island’s most recognized residential construction contractors, with more than 35 years of experience building homes and providing residential services to Hawaii families.

Today, the family-owned and -operated business is preparing to transition into its fourth generation of leadership, and is turning to Alan Twu, son of owners Harry and Angie Kim, to carry on the company legacy.

“I feel very excited to be following in my family’s footsteps, as well as honored to be vice president of such a well-established company,” said Twu. “Although I may have a lot to live up to, I am fully ready and prepared.”

As vice president, the 25-year-old is charged with taking care of the marketing and design planning for clients; communicating with both vendors and subcontractors; and making sure the HK sales team is doing its absolute best for “any and all clients, regardless of size and project.”


“One of the lessons my father taught me was to look out for the clients’ best interests making sure that the work being performed stays within the quality and standards that we have set,” Twu said.

H.K. Construction operates under the mission to build superior quality homes that fit the lifestyle and budget of customers.

In fact, one of Twu’s favorite projects to date involved completing what seemed impossible: building an addition onto a 10,000-square-foot, splitlevel property in Aiea and to come within the clients’ budget.

“It was an older home from the 1970s, and the way the home was designed, it was really broken up with a lot of different levels, and the house itself was sort of tucked away to the right side of the property,” Twu said. “The challenge was trying to minimize the different elevations within the house, and to also try to use a lot of the wasted space around the property to make the house seem a little more grand.”

The solution was to utilize some of the unused space on the left side of the lot and build an extension that would not only modernize the home but would also seamlessly blend with the existing structure.


“A well planned addition should be noticeable once it’s complete. If you were to drive past this house today, you would not be able to tell there was work done on this house,” Twu said.

“We were able to achieve what the clients were looking for, but for half of the cost of what their original plans were drawn up to be,” he added. “That was a plus for me, knowing that I could design something that they wanted that was within their budget.”

As a member of BIA-Hawaii and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), as well as an accredited business under the Better Business Bureau, H.K. Construction has a long history of working experience with development, civil engineering, design services, permitting and construction, along with an extensive network of subcontractors.

In order to provide the best service possible, HK Construction provides clients their own customer service representative who acts as a liaison between the client and the company and who will be on-call to answer questions, address concerns and explain any unknowns the client may have. All clients also are presented with a “Your New Home” binder upon the project’s completion, complete with plans, warranties, schedules and photos taken during the build.

“Our company is structured for the clients,” Twu stated. “It is our top priority to make sure they’re happy.”


To find out more about H.K. Construction, the public is invited to attend one of the company’s free Hawaii Home Building/Remodeling Seminars; call its Factory Street offices at (808) 841-1800 or visit www.hkc hawaii.net.

Contact: (808) 841-1800
Website: www.hkc hawaii.net


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