The latest craze has been all about saving energy, saving energy saves money. “So what options do I have? What is the best company? Who can I trust?” These are just a few questions that might be going through your mind. With more than 100 companies installing some type of solar, whom can you trust? Hi-Power Solar has both the expertise and experience to help answer these questions to earn that trust.

The influx of companies may have the consumer confused about what is available. This includes the type of system, size of the system needed and even tax credits available. HiPower Solar can help answer these questions and help the consumer make an educated decision. It is HiPower Solar’s goal to meet and exceed expectations the customer may have.


All the gloss aside, HiPower Solar is locally owned and operated. With 36 years experience, Ron Romero and Matt Adams have teamed up to help answer these very questions. Romero has more than 20 years of solar sales and industry experience, and Adams has 16 years continuous installation experience. With this combination, there are less than a handful of companies, much less people, that can match this type of experience.

With Hawaii being a unique and diverse community, word of mouth has been key to Hi-Power Solar’s growth. A lot of gimmicks are out there, but Hi-Power Solar has a proven track record when it comes to honesty, integrity and experience.

The kits available from others usually do not fit equally with every customer. At Hi-Power Solar, one size does not fit all. Every home and family size is unique. The type of system that best fits the customer is key. Whether it be a solar hot water system or photovoltaic electric system, Hi-Power Solar can help. The company can customize every system to match the customer’s needs and expectations.


From beginning to end, Hi-Power Solar will take you, the customer, step by step through the process. For additional information, call Hi-Power Solar at 342-0802.

Contact: 342-0802


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