EnergyPro Hawaii recently had the honor of working with the Military Police Hawaii Memorial Association to install a photovoltaic system that powers the lighting for a new memorial. The memorial recognizes and pays tribute to those fallen Soldiers who served under the 8th MP Brigade at Schofield Barracks, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in the fight against global terrorism.

The memorial is located in front of the MP Brigade headquarters building at Schofield Barracks, on an open grass area facing north, and is surrounded by a raised planting bed and landscaping. The memorial itself consists of a life-size Battle Cross statue raised on a pedestal overlooking a polished granite block, and inscribed with fallen warriors’ names. The statue and blocks are surrounded by ti plants, one for every warrior lost, and are a symbol of protection.


It became obvious that a creative solution was going to be necessary in order to supply electricity for the memorial lighting, because the memorial was not close to any power supply. It would have been extremely expensive to bring an electrical supply to the monument using traditional wiring. EnergyPro Hawaii installed four solar photo-voltaic panels on a gazebo roof, which were connected to batteries that are concealed in the flooring of the gazebo. The batteries are charged during the day and are used to power the energy-efficient LED lights, supplied by Diamond Head Sprinkler and installed by Takenaka Landscaping, after dark. This allowed the memorial to be lighted with no connection to the electrical grid and at no additional cost. The energy-efficient LED lights are powerful and able to remain on for long periods of time. Now the memorial looks beautiful at night, with proper illumination.

If you would like to contribute to the memorial effort, you may donate by contacting treasurer Susana Peterson at Susana.pizano@us. or at 655-3019. Donations in excess of $200 will receive special contributor recognition on the engraved stones surrounding the memorial.

If you have your own memorial that needs a creative solution for lighting power, or if you are interested in a solar hot water system, a solar electric system or even a solar attic fan, call EnergyPro Hawaii today at 596-2890 for more information or for a free energy consultation. Or, simply visit the website,

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