Walker-Moody Construction specializes in asphalt maintenance. Next time you think of sealing your driveway, kick it up a notch and add some color with ColorPave. ColorPave HD, a product of SealMaster Hawaii, is a 100 percent acrylic premium colorized pavement coating designed to bring new life and color to pavement surfaces.

ColorPave HD 500 is designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement surfaces including roadways, streets, driveways, parking lots, walkways, golf cart paths, amusement parks and more. It is available in a variety of colors, some of which contribute toward LEED credits. ColorPave HD is an environmentally friendly 100 percent acrylic emulsion coating.


ColorPave HD 500 Neutral Base is a selfpriming 100 percent acrylic water-based emulsion designed for high durability pavement color coatings. Its unique crosslinking technology provides durability similar to hot melt thermoplastics and epoxies. ColorPave HD 500 is fortified with sand to provide slip resistance and added traction for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It is supplied in a neutral color, but designed to be mixed with ColorPave HD Tint to achieve desired color.

A four-to five-coat process is recommended for installing ColorPave. If applied to existing concrete or asphalt surfaces, the surface should be clean and free from all loose materials and dirt to allow good adhesion. Acrylic Adhesion Promoter can then be applied as a primer. Once this dries, two or three coats of ColorPave HD are recommended for optimum performance. It can be applied by spray, brush or roller. Following the coating, ColorPave HD Clear Coat can be applied as a protective top coating. This will provide additional protection against ultra violet rays, moisture, oil, gas and chemical attack.

For a free estimate, contact Walker-Moody Construction, an authorized installer of SealMaster Hawaii at 839-2781 and talk with a trained professional. A company representative will come out and review your property, measure the asphalt for accuracy, provide recommendations in a formal proposal, and will deliver on-time and onbudget projects. Whether you want a quick fix or a long-term solution, give these professionals a call because they fix it all.


Asphalt maintenance work for Walker-Moody Construction is now approaching 9 million square feet.

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