Town & Country Builders LLC. is a licensed general contracting design-build firm that has been serving Oahu residents for the past 30 years. The company specializes in custom homes, remodels, additions, designer kitchens, bathrooms, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) modifications/improvements, and offers full construction services.

Recreate Your Environment

Is it time to remodel or construct a new ADA-compliant bathroom and/or kitchen in order to overcome the challenges you face in day-to-day living? Accessibility around the home can be a real issue for the physically disabled. Designing for the disabled requires the contractor and staff to be experienced, sensitive to the homeowner’s needs, and to be specific in design details so that the finished product meets the needs of the user. Only experienced designers should attempt such a challenge because the details are critical.

Design Criteria And Safety Considerations


• Two remotely located means of exit must be provided from any residence.
• Where ramps and stairs are integral to egress then such ramps or stairs must be of fire retardant construction.
• Smoke detectors (photoelectric or ionization type) must be installed in conjunction with a warning system. • Fuse boxes or circuit breakers should be accessible to the wheel chair user.
• Exposed water pipes should be housed or insulated.

Federal Funds Through Your Local Government Are Available To Improve The Quality Of Your Life At Home

Over the years, Town & Country Builders has helped many individuals meet their accessibility needs.

The disabled no longer need to shower in their backyard because the shower was not wide enough to accommodate them. Bathroom modifications, kitchen improvements, wheel chair ramps and chair rails were constructed to allow more freedom of movement.

Where Do You Turn To Get Necessary Funding To Construct Projects?


Many banks will not offer loans due to stricter credit lending restrictions. However, there exists a federally funded program that is nearly heaven sent. Some monthly payments may be as low as $35 per month depending upon individuals who meet program qualifications based on federal income/qualifying guidelines.

This government money is available to you in order to move forward on new additions to accommodate your special needs. ADA modifications and improvements will allow you to live a healthier, happier and more independent life.

To learn more, contact Town & Country Builders at 737-7766 for a free in-home consultation or visit the website at Town & Country Builders is a member of the Better Business Bureau, holds an A+ rating and is a certified remodeler.

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