Hawaii is a unique place to live — we all know this. But not many residents and homeowners know that Hawaii’s unique environment and micro-climates have an often unforeseen effect on the long-term results of their home renovations. For example, did you know that many Manoa Valley homeowners have special concerns about using Hickory wood for their renovations?

Hawaii boasts 11 of the 13 climate zones in the world, each with unique ecosystems and weather characteristics. Factors such as elevation, pressure variations, rainfall, wind and topography combine to create distinctive conditions to be aware of. Because of the odd effects of the varied micro-climates of the valleys, hills, plains, beachfront and even desert that we find in our islands, not all materials work well everywhere. Working with specialized knowledge and experience is the best thing to rely on even before homeowners begin their renovation project.

To help you make the best decisions for your home projects, CS Design Builders (formerly The Cabinet & Stone Factory) hosts a series of workshops featuring specialists from around the islands. These experts teach homeowners what they should know before they begin to shop, so that homeowners can be equipped with the best knowledge and make the right decisions.


Here are a few pointers mentioned at CS Design Builders’ last workshop:

1. A solid flat wood door will become problematic in Hawaii because of the humidity. If you want a slab door, a plycore (substrate) and a wood veneer of a wood species would work best.

2.Cherry woods turn very dark over a period of time in Hawaii. You’ll need to pay special care to properly coordinate your floor and countertop to get the best color scheme for the lifetime of your kitchen.

3. Colors on different species of wood take on unique characteristics. For example, when you do a Maple door in a dark color such as burgundy, the color will be inconsistent — so match them well. Also, plan for your lighting to make sure you get the right results. Your kitchen will look different under sunlight and artificial light.


CS Design Builders has been built on the reputation of quality service in taking homeowners through the entire design-build process — from creating the initial design concept all the way to the final touches, with a single point of contact and accountability to make the entire project as streamlined and easy as possible.

CS Design Builders also prides itself in ensuring that homeowners are taken care of during the entire process of their renovation; making sure homeowners get their dream renovations done right the first time; and making sure they are truly happy the first time they step into their newly renovated kitchen.

“Knowing that we helped someone make their dreams come true is one of the best reasons we are in this business,” says co-owner David Chang. “Come in for a free, no-obligation consultation, and take the first step toward making your own dream come true.”

To sign up for a repeat of CS Design Builder’s workshop “What you need to know about renovating in Hawaii,” call (808) 847-8711 or email info@CSDesignBuilders.com. As an added bonus, CS Design Builders will provide free steak plates to attendees of its workshops.

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