Almost every homeowner who has natural stone installed has had some sort of stain incident, whether it is spilling a cup of coffee on untreated granite, or mold and mildew creeping up in the marble shower.

Natural stone is porous — some more than others — and should be sealed about once per year to help prevent stains and discolorations. New stone installations are most vulnerable, as the stone from the quarry has not been treated, unless done by the installer. First applications will typically require more sealer as the stone pores are open, and reapplication will help protect the stone more with time. Grout is just as porous as the stone itself, if not more, and needs to be sealed to help prevent discoloration and staining.

If a stain does happen to appear on a stone surface, it can usually be removed. Because natural stone has pores, what goes in can usually come back out, although with a little bit of work and the right product. Tenax makes a stain removal product called “Brio Action.”


It comes in three different formulas to treat mold, grout or general stains. A biodegradable cleaner, it can simply be washed down the drain and will not kill grass when used outdoors.

Tenax Brio Action Mold Remover works on natural stone and concrete. This thick liquid compound also works on organic-based stains such as coffee, tea, food stains and algae. Brio Action Mold Remover works well on outdoor flagstone to remove stains and mold growth, but can also be used as a kitchen and bath cleaner for more heavy duty stain cleaning.

Brio Action Professional Stain Remover is a sanitizing cleaner for natural stone, terracotta, ceramic, porcelain and concrete floors and facades. It is ideal for restoration and heavy duty cleansing of large areas open to the public or exposed to atmospheric agents. Brio Action Grout Cleaner is highly effective for cleaning floors and joints with stubborn dirt that resists ordinary cleaners.

Island Stone Center has these stain removers available in stock, along with a variety of natural stone cleaners and sealers to keep your stone surfaces looking new.

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