Remodeling in high-rise buildings is similar to the remodeling of a single family residence except for the building restrictions. Hawaii’s Interior Design Center specializes in high-rise unit remodels and construction.

The company has been working successfully with numerous associations for years, and has a keen understanding of time lines, space restrictions and maximizations of existing areas to benefit your living environment. A team of skilled workers comprehends the specific rules and regulations of the building associations and adheres to the strict guidelines relating to work times, elevators, noise and disposal of materials.


Remodels in high-rise buildings are typically a little slower and cost a little more simply because of the rules a contractor must follow. Hawaii’s Interior Design Center can help to minimize time and cost and at the same time maximize results in any area of your high-rise unit. Brighten up your bathroom, open up your kitchen, update your bedrooms and improve your over all living space!

“We have been doing this for years. We can look at high-rise jobs and predict most of the roadblocks,” said CEO Chris Brenna. In predicting road blocks, employees work hard to avoid hitting them, thus saving homeowners time and money.

So the good news is that even though you have to be concerned with the rules and regulations of your high-rise association, through a knowledgeable contractor and a professional team, fundamental design applications and the desired end result can almost always be accomplished. Hawaii’s Interior Design Center will work hard as part of your team working with associations to better your home in a timely, considerate and cost-effective manner.


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