The kitchen faucet is dripping, the shower doors have white stains, there is only a trickle of hot water in the master bath, the dishwasher isn’t doing a very good job cleaning the dishes, the pool filter is taking longer and longer to clean, and now the hot water heater has stopped working. If you’re thinking that the plumbing and water-using appliance gods are waging war on your pocketbook, you can fight back. The environmentalists’ weapon of choice is HydroFlow.

According to Harald von Sydow, director of Nano Tek-On in Honolulu, the cause of problems such as these is an accumulation of mineral deposits and corrosion, something that occurs in all of our homes and businesses here in Hawaii.


“There is a solution to the problem,” von Sydow said. “It’s an environmentally safe system called HydroFlow. The advanced technology of HydroFlow prevents mineral buildup and can break down up to 95 percent of existing deposits.”

When asked how HydroFlow works, von Sydow eagerly explained the benefits of this system that uses no chemicals nor is there a need to replace any plumbing or cut into pipes. “HydroFlow is attached to the plumbing in a home. A handy homeowner can install it in minutes or we can install it. The system emits random varying electric fields in the plumbing throughout a house or business. The electric current suspends the minerals in the water flowing through the pipes, breaking up the deposits and corrosion and washing them away.”

A side benefit is the reduction of bacteria and algae when HydroFlow is used in salt and fresh water pools, and spas. This translates into using up to 80 percent less chlorine.


These mineral deposits, also known as lime scale, cause all sorts of problems. They greatly interfere with the working parts and the efficiency of appliances, hot water heaters, and solar panels. Consequently, your water bills go up and your expensive appliances don’t last as long as they should.

Adding one HydroFlow unit to the plumbing in your home will reduce water usage, water and sewage fees, water waste, chemicals used in fresh and salt water pools, and spotting on shower doors and dishes and save money.

And it’s safe, von Sydow said. “Once it goes to work, your water retains its natural taste and is safe to drink — as good as bottled water.”


Nano Tek-On specializes in environmentally friendly surface treatments including sealants for glass and natural stone, antimicrobial coatings and self-cleaning surfaces.

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