While going through security at the airport last week, I was asked by the woman behind me if there is such a thing as “hotel feng shui.” A frequent traveler for work, she admitted to applying many of the feng shui suggestions I have offered for the home, but wondered if there were things she could do when on the road.

The answer is yes! Creating a home sanctuary in your hotel room that allows for an easy flow of positive energy is easier than you may think. Applying feng shui principles to a hotel room is simple. If you travel, here are some basic guidelines that you can use when you go on your next trip.

What to bring

Pack a few framed photos of your family, pets and loved ones; some scarves; a few tea lights or travel candles; your favorite music on a CD or iPod, and some lavender soap.

When you first arrive

* If you notice any unpleasant odors when you walk in, do not hesitate to request another room. Smoke, old food or backedup sewer smells will linger no matter how much you change the visual appearance of the room.


* Open all the windows to exchange the existing air with fresh air. This will remove anything left over by a previous occupant.

* Light some candles to clear the atmosphere of anything that isn’t serving your needs.

* Place the photos you brought with you on the nightstand or place them around the room to keep your energy connected to your loved ones and to give your room a homier feel.

* Unpack fully and immediately put your clothes in the closet or dresser drawers. Don’t live out of your suitcase, even if you are there for only one night. It is unsettling.

* Take a hot shower, being aware that the movement of the water is helping to “cleanse” and promote the flow of good energy into your hotel room. Use your lavender soap, which will help you let go of the traveling stress and tension.

When you leave the room

* Many hotel rooms have large windows that let in a lot of light. They also have large mirrors over the dressers to reflect the sun and make the room look bigger. These features create a lot of “yang” energy, which is great for stimulation, but not for sleeping. When you are away, darken the room to prepare it for “sleep.”


* Keep the bathroom door closed in order to hold in the “good energy” you created in the room.

While you’re in the room

* Burn the candles when you are relaxing in the room at the end of the day.

* Play the music that you brought.

* Cover the large mirrors and the TV with a scarf before you sleep to calm the energy even further.

By applying these basic guidelines, you’ll notice the positive shift in energy that you can create at any “hotel feng shui.”

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