Now Hawaiian homeowners considering window replacement have new solutions when they shop for windows. Windows Hawaii, Hawaii’s fastest growing window replacement contractor, has the exclusive rights to the Anlin Window System.

These windows were designed and manufactured with Hawaii in mind. (Everything from stainless steel hardware to easy-toclean vinyl frames that are built to withstand the salt air and strong sunlight that we have). In fact, Anlin windows are guaranteed for the life of your home.


Traditionally, windows in Hawaii have consisted of single-pane jalousies. While these windows provide good ventilation, they lack security, are difficult to clean and do not prevent heat, dirt, noise and rain from entering the house.

Many Hawaiian homeowners choose to upgrade their windows to Anlin vinyl dual-pane systems. While homeowners find that they still have excellent ventilation with the Anlin windows, they also gain these important benefits:

Better security. Anlin has the top security rating for break-ins. The windows also can be locked in an open position so that you can keep your house ventilated and prevent entry at the same time.


Improved insulation from heat and noise. If you have air conditioning in your home, you will save up to 35 percent off your electric bill each month. You also can reduce noise from noisy neighbors, dogs barking and street noise.

Easy to clean/maintain. The vinyl frames are easy to clean. The glass is specially designed to prevent water spots. Upstairs or hard to reach windows can be removed and cleaned from inside the home. Anlin windows are available in all sizes and styles.

Anlin windows filter out 95 percent of ultra violet light. That is the harmful light that fades your furniture, floor covering and drapes. You can bring in the beauty of Hawaii while keeping out the dirt, insects, heat and noise.


Call Windows Hawaii today for a free consultation and estimate. We carry a variety of window brands so we can fit your needs and budget. All of our products have a lifetime warranty on material and installation. We have 25 years of experience installing windows and have installed more than 100,000 windows to our satisfied customers.

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