Did you know that the average Hawaii homeowner will spend more than $100,000 on electricity over the next 25 years? That’s a staggering amount! However, there is an easy and sustainable solution that will cost a fraction of that cost solar energy made right at your own home by a RevoluSun solar system.

By investing in a photo voltaic solar system, Hawaii residents can virtually eliminate their electric bill for the life of a system, which is typically 25 years. By taking advantage of the generous federal and state tax credits available, which pay for up to 65 percent of the system cost, a photovoltaic system will normally pay for itself within six to nine years based on current electricity rates.

However, to take advantage of those tax credits, the system must be installed and generate power before the end of this year. It’s no wonder then that September to November is the busiest season for solar contractors. But beware during the peak season as many solar companies may hire inexperienced workers who have not been properly trained, simply to meet demand.


“Because solar sales are somewhat seasonal, it’s difficult for most solar companies to keep qualified employees throughout the year. As a result, the workers drilling holes in your roof to attach the solar system may be inexperienced and learning as they go to keep up with demand,” said Eric Carlson, principal with Hawaii’s largest solar firm RevoluSun. “We have been fortunate to eliminate this problem by forming a partnership with one of the most respected electrical contractors in the state of Hawaii. Using their large, expertly trained workforce, we never have a shortage of qualified workers. This ensures that the job will be done right every time.”

Here are some tips on how to pick a reputable solar contractor:

* Do your homework. Research the company to ensure they have the proper licensing.

* Visit the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs at www.hawaii.gov/dcca or visit the Regulated Industries Complaints Office at http://hawaii.gov /dcca/rico to see if the firm you are planning to work with has received any complaints and the outcomes of those complaints. * Interview the solar company to find out the qualification of their installers and the firm’s protocol for scheduling installations. Be upfront and determine what kind of recourse you will have should the work not be completed on time, on budget, and with no mistakes.


To ensure that customers receive top-quality service and have the best workers on their roof, RevoluSun works with American Piping & Boiler (APB) to install its residential solar systems. APB is a highly respected contractor with a long history of successful projects in Hawaii’s energy industry. Founded in 1965, APB is a locally owned general and electrical contractor.

RevoluSun’s approach has allowed for amazing growth without sacrificing quality.

Meanwhile, RevoluSun is the only solar company to boast an impressive 100 percent completion rate for permitting, and a 93 percent satisfaction rating in client service based on a survey conducted by panel manufacturer SunPower.

“When I began looking for alternative energy sources I considered wind power, but decided against it due to the noise and aesthetics,” said Kenneth Chang of Manoa. “I met with RevoluSun, who walked me through the design and options for my home. RevoluSun project developer Abbie Willow made the entire process stress-free the installation was simple and efficient, and now I get only a monthly $18 bill for administrative fees from HECO.


In addition, I’ve been able to really help spread the word about solar by hosting educational solar open houses at my home. In the past year, I’ve held about 30 of these, educating dozens and dozens of Hawaii homeowners.”

To learn more about solar energy and how it can help you reduce or nearly eliminate your electric bill in time for this year’s tax credits, call 748-8888.

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