Over the years, stone companies have come and gone, but even though preferences and fads change over time, some things remain constant. One of those things is that there always will be a market for flagstone. While there are always new products that are purported to be perfect for a lanai or patio, there never has been anything that can replace the timeless, natural beauty of flagstone.

Now, although flagstone is actually a type of stone (usually a form of sandstone), most people in the trade today use the term flagstone to refer to stones that are random in size and shape. These random stones can be composed of slate, sandstone, schist and quartzite. It’s even possible to make random flagstone out of materials that are typically used for indoors, like travertine or even marble.

At Hawaii Home Expo, our focus for flagstones has now shifted to bringing the best quality materials.

Although we realize that there always will be a market for the stones from China, we strongly feel that it is time to bring a premium product to the masses. And what we have found for you is Brazilian Quartzite. It is available in four colors: Golden Beach, Green Nature, Noble Claro and Rose Pink. And if color consistency is important (you may have experienced the inconsistent stones from China already) the Brazilian stones really are the best way to go. But it’s not just the beauty of the colors that makes this a product above all others. The stone has a hardness of 7 on Moh’s scale, is available in different thicknesses and sizes, and is relatively free from the ridges and clefts present in other stones that are often prone to chipping and shaling. If you’re considering flagstone for your pool deck or lanai, come take a look at our selection of Brazilian Quartzite at Hawaii Home Expo. Even your installer will thank you for it! Make us your one-stop shop for your home renovations. At Hawaii Home Expo, many more product lines are available to suite your design and lifestyle needs: photovoltaic solar panels, LED lighting, Toto, Hansgrohe, Jacuzzi, Viking, Dacor, Liebherr, LG Studio, saunas, steamers, cabinets, natural stones and porcelain tiles.

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