I was asked recently by a customer about the experience of EnergyPro Hawaii. I was happy to respond confidently, knowing that as part of W Contracting Inc., our team is comprised of skilled, licensed and knowledgeable plumbers, electricians, carpenters and solar installers. We are capable of a wide range of solar services and energy conservation home improvements.

Recently we installed a Rinnai brand of tank-less gas water heater that only heats the water that you need, when you need it. These super-efficient heaters can save up to 40 percent of the energy costs compared to a standard electric hot water heater. This particular customer wanted the heater to be installed above a small refrigerator in order to free up valuable space in his small studio. We were able to accomplish this by having our electrician relocate the wiring and our plumbers relocate the water piping. Now the owner not only has more space, but he’s been able to save a considerable amount of money every month on his utility bills. The federal government gives tax credits for energy star appliances like the Rinnai, which greatly helps in off-setting the additional costs related to tank-less water heaters.


One customer needed 14 Sanyo HIT 225 panels to cut his electric bill. These Japanese-designed panels are the most efficient panels readily available today, with 20.2 percent efficiency per square foot. He was fortunate to be in a great solar zone called a 500 Sun-zone, which meant that fewer panels were required. Our Sanyo panels can produce more power in any given area, which means less panels and fewer roof penetrations. We use the best products, like the Quick-Mount flashing system; a strong, 100 percent waterproof foundation to secure each panel to your roof. By laying the Quick-Mount flashing under two shingles above the penetration and then sealing with Geocell and two gaskets, a waterproof seal is guaranteed. The homeowner also is granted a 5-year warranty from EnergyPro Hawaii on parts and labor against leak protection.

Photovoltaic and solar hot water systems are just some of the many services we provide for homeowners. In Kaneohe, one of our previous customers wanted to know if she could further reduce her electric bill. While performing an energy audit, we found an old central air conditioning unit that was a big energy hog, costing her as much as $100 a month. We did an energy renovation by installing a variable speed air conditioning unit, Heliodyne Solar Hot Water system and 16 Sanyo PV solar panels. She then asked about the possibilities of installing a car charger for her new Nissan Leaf car. We easily accomplished this because our electrician had installed a subpanel as part of the new PV system, with room to accommodate her new charger. The installation easily passed inspection by our Building Department and met all of the stringent requirements of the car manufacturer. We followed up with the customer to fill out the required paperwork from Nissan. We always are happy to provide all information and documentation necessary for our customers.

Call us today at 596-2890 for more information about energy savings and/or any other construction related topic. EnergyPro Hawaii provides free initial consultations and estimates.

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