What is one of the hottest home improvement trends? Garage makeovers, because the right garage door will not only enhance the beauty of your house, but increase its value too. Just as much as having the wrong garage door, a damaged or unkept one will decrease the value of your home.

Garage doors are often the single largest feature for the front of the house and will play a major factor in complementing the overall style of your home. Consumers often consider the garage door as just something to cover the opening where you park your cars. But this should never be overlooked. Garage makeovers will make a difference and bring undeniable advantages to your home.

So, what is the right door for your home?

First and foremost, it is to select a design that can be well-integrated to your existing architectural style. You don’t want your new garage door to stick out like a sore thumb; you want it to appear as if it has always been a part of your property.


Quality is next. There are many garage doors in today’s market with varying degrees of quality. Martin Garage Doors offers you the finest quality for your money. Keep in mind that quality includes both material and warranty. Also, material, tensile strength, galvanizing, hardware and finish play important roles in the overall quality of doors. There are various types of warranty coverage. At Martin Garage Doors Hawaii, we stand behind our product with the best warranties in the industry.

Safety is key. Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home and it is of utmost importance to make it safe. Regulations require that the door, if connected to a motor, be equipped with safety sensors and automatic reversing. With a Martin door, safety is taken to the next level. For example, our doors come standard with low-profile hinges, reverse angles, hemmed-track edges, roller shields and many other features to help protect you and others from injury. When doors are connected to a Martin operator, you can be assured that our force sensors are calibrated to meet or exceed industry standards. Our springs have a lock-on bracket to reduce the chance of injury or damage from broken springs. Plus, we exclusively offer the only door with a controlled-descent device, which ensures the doors will not free-fall to the closed position when not connected to an operator.

Speaking of operators, more commonly referred to as motors or openers, be sure to select the operator that is the right fit for you. Operators are no longer considered a convenience item, but rather a necessity. Three different types of garage door operators are available, each having its own benefits:

1. Belt driven system. This type of operator is by far the quietest and smoothest system on the market.

This model uses a sturdy rubber belt to lift the door and is ideal on any door especially when the garage is attached to the house or under a room. This is the best operator on the market, powerful and reliable.


2. Chain drive system. This model uses a chain to lift the door and can be noisier than a belt drive system. This system is recommended for use in detached garages. It is reliable, efficient and affordable.

3. Screw drive system. This slow-moving design relies on a long threaded rod to open the door. It is perfect for one-piece type doors.

When considering garage makeover, you want to combine security and functionality when using your garage door. Today your garage door system can be accessorized to meet your individual needs. For instance, newer transmitters can be programmed to turn on a light in your house; wireless key pads allows easy access to the garage from the outside and can be programmed with multiple- or single-use codes; multi-function wall controls can be programmed to lock out wireless systems or turn on the operator lights.

So when thinking about updating your garage, consider the following:

• Increase the value of your home
• Improve the appearance of your home
• Protect items stored in your garage
• Increase the use of your garage
• Increase the security of the items stored in your garage
• Prevent easy access to your home
• Reduce the risk of injury or property damage
• Quality, safety, warranty, and customer service


From basic to best, Martin Garage Doors provide quality, safety, beauty and customer satisfaction to many homeowners in Hawaii.

For a free estimate, contact Martin Garage Doors Hawaii. We will help you enhance and add value to your home, provide a free estimate and help you select the right door for your home.

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