When a room starts to look dated, it’s time to redecorate. Adding blue and white colors and patterns to a living room, bath or bedroom can make a striking statement and give these rooms a fresh, yet timeless look. From deep navy to soft indigo, blue is a low-maintenance color. Pairing it with white provides a workable and classic palette.

“Blue and white are approachable colors that work well in any part of the home,” says Sabrina Soto, HGTV designer.


Soto recommends looking for decor with fine detailing that adds texture and dimension to a sofa or bed. Decorative pillows with embroidered characteristics can tie a room together nicely. A combination of paisley, floral patterns and stripes in blue and white tones allow the contrasting designs to complement one another.

While neutral tones are a safe bet in the bathroom, little touches of blue and white can add a cool and calming sensibility to a morning routine. Changing a shower curtain — the most prominent accessory in the bathroom — is the most affordable way to make a big impact.

In the bedroom, handsome blue tones can make a strong statement without being too masculine. “The key is to soften the blue with a quieter color like khaki or white,” says Soto. “Look for bedding that balances the richness of a blue hue with a few delicate details to keep it chic.