Close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen. Imagine it exactly how you want it. Imagine the way your new floor feels under your feet, and how your perfect counter-tops feel under your fingers as you move through your kitchen. Imagine the way your drawers and cabinets open and close smoothly, and the way the beautiful wood grain almost glows under the perfect lighting. Imagine the soft reflections of the warm accent lighting on the brushed stainless steel of your appliances.

Imagine yourself standing there in your dream kitchen, for the first time after your renovation, and feeling the satisfaction of finally making your dreams come true.

Seven out of 10 Americans consider the kitchen to be the center of the home. It’s where we come together as families in the mornings and evenings of our lives, to cook and to eat together at the kitchen table. It’s why we put so much inspiration into creating our ideal spaces for our families to live in together. It’s why we should create our ideal kitchen the right way the first time.


Most Americans expect their kitchen renovations to have a life of at least 15 to 20 years. Many expect their kitchen renovations to even last the lifetime of the house.

Custom redesign and renovation are worth the investment considering the long lifetime of everyday use expected of the kitchen. Many homeowners shopping for kitchen renovations believe the myth that custom renovation is out of their reach. The truth is, in many cases custom renovation work does not cost significantly more and even represents a better value — especially when considering the lifetime of your kitchen.

Ask yourself this: Is it worth investing a considerable amount of money to renovate your kitchen and not end up with exactly what you want? Or is it worth investing a little more to ensure you end up with your dream come true for the lifetime of your kitchen and not with something you may not be happy with later?

Jenny Lee is just one of many homeowners who share the buyer’s remorse of not doing their renovation the way they really wanted the first time. When she did her first kitchen renovation, she based her decisions on the absolute lowest price and compromised not only on getting the look and feel she wanted, but also on the quality of the materials and workmanship.


“I should have trusted my gut instinct,” Lee remarked, remembering her doubts at the time about the quality of what she was purchasing. “One year later, my cabinets and drawers were falling apart, and I was tired of living in the kitchen I had bought for the lowest price when I knew it wasn’t really what my dream was.”

Lee then turned to The Cabinet & Stone Factory for help on the recommendation of a friend. She loved the idea of a one-stop shop to handle her entire renovation. Her previous renovation was a headache because of having to find, work with and coordinate all the vendors, contractors and designers to work together. And when there were problems, everyone would point fingers at one another and not take responsibility or accountability for those problems.

The Cabinet & Stone Factory has been built on the reputation of quality service as a one-stop renovation shop that takes homeowners through the entire design/build process, from creating the initial design concept all the way to the final touches, with a single point of contact and accountability to make their renovations more streamlined and easy.

The Cabinet & Stone Factory prides itself on its quality of service to making sure homeowners are taken care of during the entire process of their renovation; making sure homeowners get their dream renovations done right; and making sure homeowners are truly happy the first time they step into the renovated kitchen of their dreams.


“Knowing that we helped someone make their dreams come true is one of the best reasons we are in this business,” says co-owner David Chang. “Come in for a free no-obligation consultation, and take the first step toward making your own dream come true.”

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