As electricity costs continue to increase, so does the popularity of photovoltaic systems. By utilizing sun power to generate electricity for household needs, other than hot water, photo-voltaic systems can be large and powerful enough to bring your electric bill down to the basic minimum charge for service. If budget is a consideration, however, you can also opt to install panels in stages and add onto the system as needed.

Ron Romero, owner of Hi-Power Solar, is one of the most experienced contractors in the business. He is highly qualified in the installation of both solar water heating systems and photovoltaic systems, and he can claim a long roster of satisfied customers.


“I’ve found that many new customers are unaware that you don’t need to install the maximum amount of photo-voltaic panels at the outset,” he said. “You can continue to add to these systems over time. Also, many homeowners don’t realize just how affordable a solar water heating or photo-voltaic system can be once you factor in applicable state and federal tax credits.

“We are very knowledgeable about the various ways to finance these systems, and we encourage anyone considering ‘going solar’ to contact us for a free consultation and estimate. Not all financing programs are equally beneficial to the homeowner, nor are all leasing programs.”

Hi-Power Solar is a Hawaii Energy Efficiency program and Hawaiian Electric Company-certified installer. The company is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and Building Industry Association of Hawaii.


Romero noted that the testimony of prior customers regarding the quality of Hi-Power Solar’s systems and service is always available and often helpful to homeowners considering an installation and sorting through a large and often-confusing body of information.

Contact: 342-0802


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