The Hawaiian archipelago is the most isolated chain in the world and has the second highest cost of living. HECO, for example, has raised our electrical rates twice this year, reaching as high as 31 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the first 300kWh. It’s no wonder so many young men and women are leaving their birthplace to find a more affordable way of life elsewhere.

These are strenuous times for homeowners and business owners who want to remain profitable. EnergyPro Hawaii would like the opportunity to lower your energy costs.


EnergyPro Hawaii views energy in a different way. Our first principle is “Energy conserved is energy earned.” We start by providing a free energy audit using state-of-the-art technology. Energy gobblers such as old refrigerators, air conditioners, hot water heaters and electric stoves can cost $40-$50 a month. After EnergyPro Hawaii has pinpointed all the energy-saving opportunities available to you, we design your energy plan and put the money you save each month toward a solar power system.

EnergyPro Hawaii’s second principle is “Energy produced is energy earned.” We are happy to announce the Power Kit. The Power Kit is a 2.25 kWh system that can help you save up to $100 per month and only costs $4,995 after tax credits. Most small families can cut their electric bills substantially through the Power Kit. Our Power Kit is a great way for homeowners to start taking control of their energy liability. The Power Kit will pay for itself in about five years and will generate power for 25 years. This translates into hope for Hawaii! We can afford to live here and do it responsibly as well.

EnergyPro Hawaii is proud of the fact that we do not subcontract our work, but are a local team of skilled plumbers, electricians and builders under the same roof. We install solar hot water, tankless gas, solar power, solar fans, skylights, variable speed air conditioners and many other conservation technologies.


Let us design a long-term energy plan with you. Together we can protect our beautiful homeland — and your wallet!

Contact: 596-2890


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