Hot weather is here and hotter weather is on the way, so it’s time to start thinking of air conditioning.

“It doesn’t make sense to swelter through humid, windless summer weather when an efficient air conditioning system can keep you cool and comfortable for pennies a day,” said Aire Conditioner Shoppe owner Neil Wiedemann. “And the higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio), the more you save on electric.”


The operative word is “efficient.” Old or malfunctioning air conditioning systems are energy hogs that don’t do the job effectively and run up your electricity bills. Air conditioning systems available from the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are the newest models that incorporate the latest technological advances. They are unobtrusive and virtually silent.

Wiedemann, who has been in the air conditioning business since 1979, sells and installs split ductless systems on Oahu, as well as portable air conditioners. He also sells the less expensive window units that are often the choice for apartments, condos and houses. He guarantees the lowest prices for any product he sells with installation of the same equipment. For 10 years running, Fujitsu has named him “Dealer of the Year.”

“About five years ago, the inverter compressor was developed, a component of the condenser, which is installed outside the home and connects to the air handler unit inside the home,” Wiedemann said. “Then last year another advance was made in the technology, making it possible to cool up to eight separate rooms in the house with the same condenser connected to eight separate air handlers, all of which can be operated and set for the desired temperature independently. Automatic swing louvers and multiple fan speeds in the handler — the unit mounted in the home — allow you to control the amount and direction of the airflow to maximize comfort.”


Wiedemann pointed out that split-ductless systems can be just as efficient as central air conditioning, or more efficient in terms of energy savings, depending on the lifestyle of the homeowner.

Even the window air conditioning units, which are generally what you see in older apartment buildings or townhomes, have been extensively improved both in efficiency and appearance. However, the tenant and/or owner needs to obtain permission from the management company and/or apartment owners association to install any type of air conditioning.

The Aire Conditioner Shoppe offers free on-site estimates and design consultation. The company installs and repairs what it sells. Wiedemann credits his company’s success to a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The Aire Conditioner Shoppe’s slogan is, “We do it right the first time.”


“When our estimator reviews your needs and you make a decision on the system you want to install, you will have a quote the next day by phone or fax,” he said. “If the customer is satisfied, we draw up the contract. Once I set a price, it’s firm and it will be guaranteed the lowest available price with the same equipment,” he said.

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