Here are four quick and easy ways that Tropical Wholesale can help keep your home cool:

1) Tropical can install a radiant barrier.

A radiant barrier is a fast and inexpensive way for homeowners to cool the attic or ceiling area. It works like this: Every day, the shingles on your rooftop heat up and make the temperature in your attic almost unbearable. Sometimes, the heat remains there late into the night.


But the radiant barrier helps block 96 percent of the sun’s radiant energy, which can reduce your attic temperature up to 30 percent. A radiant barrier only takes a few days to install and is an Energy Star-approved product. Homeowners can receive up to a $500 tax credit for installing it.

2) Tropical can replace your old jalousies with Energy Star-approved Lifetime Windows from Simonton or Atrium Windows.

These companies are the only manufacturers to give lifetime warranties on Hawaii materials and labor. This, of course, includes hardware and frame warranties not matched by other manufacturers.

By equipping your home with windows from these companies, Tropical can reduce heat transmission 100 percent and UV rays 96-plus percent. This means saving on air conditioning bills for years to come. There also is an Energy Star tax credit for these windows.

3) Tropical can install Polar Wall siding in your home.


Polar Wall is made by Norandex. This is a insulated siding that cools off existing exterior walls. This vinyl siding has a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling, staining or fading.

Polar Wall also cools your exterior walls by up to 35 percent, saving homeowners money. This valued product comes in 16 colors.

4) Tropical can re-roof your home with a variety of metal roofing products.

Metal roofs are the most hurricane- and high wind-resistant roofs made. And since Hawaii is way overdue for a hurricane, this is reason enough for having a metal roof installed.


But homeowners forget that metal roofs also have dead air space that will help cool the roof. This dead air space also gives space for insulation to be installed. Today most homeowners look to roof coatings to cool roofs; however, many homeowner associations will not allow white roofs. This means that metal roofing, insulation and radiant barriers are the only ways to cool these homes’ roofs.

So now that summer is here, maybe it’s time to go cool and green? Call Tropical Wholesale today for a free estimate.

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