By now, you’re probably familiar with RMA Sales, the locally owned company celebrating its 50th year of business in Hawaii, and its popular Tradewind window systems. But did you know that RMA Sales also offers several screen options to go with the Tradewind window systems?

One type is a heavy-duty insect screen that’s ideal for high traffic, heavy use areas. It’s pet-resistant, and tear- and puncture-resistant as well. It’s also several times stronger than a regular insect screen. The heavy-duty screen is ideal for use in patios and porch enclosures as well as windows and doors, and it installs just like a regular insect screen. Black is the standard color of this screen, which is made of vinyl-coated polyester, and its UV blockage is approximately 55 percent.


If an aluminum insect screen is what you’re looking for, RMA Sales has that option, too. Aluminum insect screens come in three color choices: black, natural aluminum color and charcoal gray.

The new and improved black finish complements bronze and other dark window framing nicely. Black offers the best visibility of any screen finish. Natural aluminum color is the standard of the industry. It is dimensionally stable, which means it’s free of streaks, lays flat and is easy to measure. The charcoal gray color reduces glare and greatly improves visibility. This color enhances the appearance of any structure.

If you need the extreme screen for Fido or Meow, RMA Sales offers a pet screen that is seven times stronger than a regular insect screen. This pet-resistant insect screen resists damage by dogs and cats. Made of strong vinyl-coated polyester, this screen offers excellent outward visibility and comes in black and gray.


All of the above screens are options with any of the Tradewind window systems.

Then there’s the ultimate screen for both Marmaduke and the Incredible Hulk: the Crimsafe security screen. Crimsafe window and door security screens will actually protect your home and your family from intruders and would-be thieves. Crimsafe is the only security screen product where the mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down with a patented device called the Screw-Clamp™. Other security screen meshes are held in place with a wedge forced in under pressure, or simply glued in.

The performance difference is massive. Crimsafe window and door screens are fabricated locally and are compatible with RMA Sales’ Tradewind window systems. A Crimsafe security screen door system is designed to replace your present screen and sliding door unit.


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