If so, you need to do it right with a licensed professional

What makes the difference in the quality and durability of a paint job is the professionalism and experience of the painting contractor.


The difference between what a licensed professional and a “weekend” painter might charge may not be very significant … but the results will be very different and, if not apparent now, certainly in the long run.

“We have been called on numerous times to handle a job that involved removing peeling or cracking paint because of the shoddy work of a previous painter,” said Island Budget Painting owner Ted Wexler, a licensed painting contractor for the past 30 years. His painting crew also is trained and experienced and works under Wexler’s direction.

His clients include major businesses such as Tesoro service stations throughout Oahu, a long-standing repeat client.


Property managers, management companies specializing in town-homes and apartment buildings, and homeowners associations are also regular clients, requiring not only new paint jobs but ongoing maintenance. Realtors upgrading a home to enhance its saleability also call on Wexler, often with tight deadlines to meet. He works with some of Hawaii’s top architects and interior designers, as well as directly with homeowners.

In cases where a homeowner is ready for a new color scheme, Wexler can supply advice on color selection and assist in making choices, including matching existing colors or furnishings. There are also technical factors to consider, such as the best products to use for exterior applications, taking into account weather conditions in the area.

Island Budget Painting is experienced in working with difficult jobsites that may require scaffolding and operating within the parameters set by condominiums affecting access, parking, and times that work can be performed. Island Budget Painting also provides concrete repair, often called for in commercial contracts involving older buildings that are being restored or converted for new uses.


“People often assume that because your company handles big projects, you won’t be available for the smaller jobs,” Wexler said. “That just isn’t the case with Island Budget Painting. Working with a large, experienced contractor does not have to cost more, because we know exactly how to proceed and have all the latest equipment. The fact that we can complete jobs quickly and efficiently means lower cost and less inconvenience to the client.

“I named my company Island Budget Painting for a reason — our goal is to come in on budget, meaning the client’s budget, not ours,” Wexler said.

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