One of the things that Shirley Pai Hilton of Pacific Imports International notices most about customers who are interested in putting in some new wood or stone flooring is how great their need for information is. “We can literally spend hours with a particular customer, educating them on the different types of wood and stone flooring, each product’s features, functions and benefits, and also give them tips on what might best suit their decorating taste. It’s an essential part of helping the customer make a decision and we constantly learn new things in the process, as well.”

And that is the very reason that Pacific Imports has been offering free seminars at their beautiful showroom nearly every month (by popular demand). The next session is scheduled for Saturday, July 23, from 10 to 11:30 a.m.


“Everyone tells us how glad they are that they attended and how much they enjoyed the seminar,” says Hilton.

Listen to basics on wood, laminate and stone flooring while enjoying coffee and donuts. The program is very interesting and informative, and you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you would like, either in the session or one-to-one afterwards.

There also will be a great deal of installation information and sound advice on what might be appropriate for your house or condominium. Best of all, attending is the only way you can get the private sale pricing, which is the very best deal you will ever get from Pacific Imports.


This is a promise that Hilton is serious about and vows that any other advertised sales or trade shows specials will not match this pricing.

Hilton is the presenter at the seminar and is a sought-after expert on wood flooring in Hawaii. Often a consultant for project developers, builders and local publications, she has very extensive knowledge on wood products, the manufacturing process, the pros and cons of various products and the finer points of installation.

Pacific Imports features Hawaii’s largest wood flooring showroom with 3,000 square feet of display space. Products include their very own, and very popular, Kahala Floors line of beautiful engineered wood flooring made especially for Hawaii, arguably one of the best engineered floors in the world. They also feature Bayside Solids and laminate flooring, and have recently added extensive choices in tile, stone and carpet. Please call 847-7711 for more information or to reserve a seat for the seminar.

Contact: 847-7711



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