Homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to update their living spaces and maintain the value of their homes without completing extensive or expensive renovations. Whether it’s adding a fresh coat of paint to outdated bathroom walls or new hardware to kitchen cabinets, there are many ways homeowners can improve their spaces without spending a lot of time or money.

One of the best resources for do-it-yourself tips is DIY blogs. Bloggers tackle various home projects and document their journey online to help readers overcome their own home improvement hang-ups. With their efficient project know-how, homeowners can find stress-free and cost-effective ways to renovate any space.

Affordable Projects

Changing light fixtures, hardware


Kitchens and bathrooms can be the easiest rooms to update with a few small changes. Replacing old, outdated light fixtures and cabinet hardware can refresh the kitchen or bath without consuming a ton of money and time with a complete overhaul.

Renovate old furniture

Updating an old chair or table is an easy way to spruce up a room. If you’re looking for new furniture additions, shop local garage sales and thrift stores for old pieces that can be revitalized with a little sanding, paint and new hardware.

Time Saving Tips

Make a plan

Set aside time to think through projects and organize your plan of attack prior to jumping in. Utilize great resources for DIY tips on www.StartRightStartHere.com.

Build utility storage shelves


Building a basic utility shelf is a small project homeowners can do themselves to get organized. Planned shelves will put an end to haphazardly stowing away and stacking things in the garage — not to be found again.

Quick Fix-it Project Ideas

Replace old faucets

Old faucets can make a kitchen or bathroom look dated and dingy. When choosing a new faucet, be sure that it will work with the existing faucet drillings, noting whether they’re center set, widespread or single-hole.

Repair, don’t replace

Tears in window screens can be a frequent and frustrating problem. Before deciding to purchase a new screen, assess the damage. If the tears are small, fix them with a screen patch.