If kitchen and bathroom remodels are the gold and silver medalists in the Olympics of home renovation, then a master suite remodel is a very respectable bronze. But while the super-stars of the renovation world may reap more in terms of resale value, a master suite remodel can be more rewarding for your soul.

After all, we spend a lot of time in the bedroom — and we’re doing more than just sleeping. For many Americans, the master suite has become a refuge, the area of the house where we can relax and put the day’s stresses and cares out of our minds. Anything we do to make that small (or large) suite of rooms more appealing can help enhance our overall enjoyment of our homes.


While adding a master suite can deliver a return on investment of about 63 percent at resale (according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2011 Cost vs. Value Report), few of us have the budget for such a sweeping renovation. Fortunately, a few cost-effective moves can boost a master suite’s appeal exponentially. Here are a few master suite remodeling ideas that can deliver big bang for not many bucks:

Liven up the walls

A coat of fresh paint remains one of the easiest, lowest-cost ways to freshen any room. Restive, comforting hues can set a relaxing, welcoming tone in a master suite. And since these shades also tend to be neutral, repainting a master bedroom and bath can enhance resale value as well. It’s OK to paint the bedroom and bath different colors, but keep in mind they should be harmonious and complementary — not jarringly different from each other.

While you’re repainting, don’t forget to do the walk-in closet, if your suite has one. You may be the only ones seeing the closet walls for now, but having the master suite color carried into the closet (rather than leaving it stark white) can help create visual continuity for potential buyers.

Let the sun shine in


A skylight is an upgrade that is both luxurious and practical. Adding one to a master suite is a great way to bring rejuvenating natural light into your home, reduce the need for electric lighting and lower your power bills. No-leak skylights from skylight maker Velux, also eliminate one of the traditional concerns about skylights; when properly installed they are no more likely to leak than any other type of quality window. Venting skylights, especially in a bath, can also provide passive ventilation to carry odors and moisture out of the room. Privacy is also a plus with skylights; they admit natural light without providing an interesting view to your neighbors.

If your master suite is on the first floor, you may think you can’t do a skylight. Tubular skylights, such as Sun Tunnels, can deliver natural light into spots where a traditional skylight won’t work — such as on the ground floor of a multi-level home. If you’re not sure how a skylight will fit into your master suite, consider downloading the free Velux Skylight Planner App, available for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android phones. The app helps you see what a skylight might look like in your home. Visit www.veluxusa.com to learn more.

Lavish the bath

A great bathroom is important anywhere in your house, but it’s vital to creating a luxurious master suite. Fortunately, the bath is one room where it’s easy to make a big impact with not much money.


After you’ve repainted the room, consider adding touches like decorative frames around bathroom mirrors, upgraded light fixtures and decadent accessories such as plush towels and a warming towel rack.

With a bronze-level investment of time and money, you can remodel a master suite into a luxurious at-home escape — one that is bound to pay off at a gold-medal level.