A few months ago, I was discussing plumbing options with a homeowner in Royal Kunia for a remodeling project that was about to begin. My company, Waialae Plumbing, would be handling just the plumbing for the job. The homeowner, general contractor and I were at the meeting when the homeowner mentioned that they were looking to put solar PV panels on their roof. Not wanting to step on the toes of the general contractor, I did not say anything.

The next day, I asked the general contractor if it would be OK to talk to the homeowner about his solar needs. I explained to him that I had started a new division within my company, EnergyPro Hawaii, to focus on the seemingly endless energy-specific solutions, such as solar hot water, solar PV, solar attic fans, tankless gas water heaters and even variable speed pumps for high rises. EnergyPro Hawaii seemed like a natural extension of my company after the addition of a general contracting classification and the start up of our electrical division, Waialae Electric. The general contractor gave me his blessing to talk to the homeowner about the PV system.


We had done a lot of research in-house and decided that the matchup of Sanyo PV panels and Enphase micro-inverters were the best product available for 90 percent of residential PV systems. We were so fond of these products that out-produced all other systems that we nicknamed our system the “Perfect Match.” After explaining the system to our customer and showing him how the system can be monitored online, which allowed us to show a side-by-side comparison with one of our competitor’s systems, the homeowner was sold. As is often the case, the neighbors in Royal Kunia Community were curious to see what was going on to learn more about the product. This gave us the opportunity to show off some of the finer aspects of our installations. We use thicker racking to keep the panels high off the roof so that they stay cool and work more efficiently. We also install electrical sub-panels to ensure safety. We also design the system so that it can allow for expansion in the future.

To date, we are in the process of installing four separate systems on the same street in the Royal Kunia Community, consisting of more than 70 panels and the possibility of adding additional panels to their systems in the future. We also are in the process of designing a system for the residence of the general contractor, who was instrumental in getting us “in the door” of this neighborhood. You can be sure that he will receive the best pricing possible as a thank you!

EnergyPro Hawaii is approaching its first anniversary, and we have installed more than 40 solar PV systems that have produced more than 100 megawatt hours of power, along with many solar hot water systems and attic fans. Our numbers may not be as big as some of the “big boys,” which is fine by me. Instead, we focus on our customers and providing them with the best product available.


The EnergyPro Hawaii division might only be turning 1, but we have been in business for more than 17 years and plan to be around for a long time. If EnergyPro Hawaii can help you with solar PV or any other product, call us at 596-2890.


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