Finishing windows and doors can be a tedious, time-consuming and costly proposition that many builders, remodelers and homeowners dread. Yet finishing many materials like wood and fiberglass is required to help protect the window or door material from the elements.

That’s why investing in factory prefinished products is an attractive option for many because it saves customers time and helps them avoid the hassle of dealing with finishing work on a job site. Pella engineers estimate that factory prefinishing saves at least four hours of finishing time for each Pella wood window alone — a significant time and cost savings for contractors, or homeowners who tackle the job themselves or hire others to do it for them.

Finished with finishing?


When it comes to factory prefinished looks and color tones, the choice is yours. To complement many interior designs popular today, an optional prefinished white interior is available on Pella wood windows and patio doors.

Pella wood products and wood entry doors also are available in prefinished stains. Pella’s professional factory-applied stained finish helps seal the wood and enhances its natural beauty.

Today, factory prefinish options are available in Pella’s three primary wood product brands:

  • Architect Series® — Features historic authenticity, like the patented true divided light styling of Integral Light Technology®, combined with excellent energy efficiency.
  • Designer Series® — Distinctive between-the-glass window fashions such as blinds, shades, fabric or decorative panels plus changeable grille patterns for windows or doors that are versatile, sleek and free of cords.
  • ProLine® — Solid-wood windows and doors, competitively priced, to provide superior value with 100 percent Pella quality.

All three of the aforementioned brands feature:

  • Superior quality on which Pella’s reputation has been built
  • Products designed, manufactured and tested to provide outstanding value and performance
  • 20/10 warranty (20 years on glass, 10 years on all other components). Pella’s variety of brands enables consumers to find the unique style of premium-quality windows and doors complementing specific project goals and budget.

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