In most homes, carports or garages are an essential feature. Many homes in Hawaii were built with carports to function solely as shelter for their vehicles and do not provide protection from the elements. Carports generally lack the security that most homeowners desire and aren’t nearly as useful as garages.

Converting your carport into a garage will not only secure your property and valuables, but can increase the value of your home if done properly.


Here are a few things you should consider before converting your carport into a more secure and functional addition to your home:

Usage and needs.

Will it be solely for secured parking? Will you need storage space? Will you be using the garage for other purposes?


Does your existing carport meet your usage size needs? Is there enough height?

Building codes and area regulations.


What are the local building codes? Are permits required? What do you need to ensure your garage is legal?

All of the above are important factors when considering your carport conversion. Martin Garage Door Hawaii is a licensed general contractor experienced in carport conversions with the expertise to complete the entire process from planning, drawing, blueprints, application approval to obtaining permits from the county building department, as well as homeowners, associations when necessary.

We strive to provide the best possible results for the client based on their wants and budget. The homeowner can have a garage and a new Martin Garage Door along with the peace of mind that their possessions are secure while enhancing the beauty and value of their home.


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