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Recent modifications and the adaptation of the International Building Code by the city have made it necessary for all building contractors to adjust their methods of construction in order to comply with the latest requirements. That is why it is important to hire a licensed contractor — one that is current on the new standards — to complete your next construction project. In addition to these changes, the state now requires that all renovation, repair and painting contractors pass a written exam and become certified renovators who are knowledgeable about lead in the home. The presence of lead could be prevalent in all homes constructed prior to 1978 and could pose a danger to your family if not addressedaccordingly in the construction process.


Why are dust and debris a problem? Renovation activities that disturb lead-based paint create dust and debris. Debris becomes dust, while lead–contaminated dust is poisonous. Very small amounts of lead-contaminated dust can poison children and adults. Children swallow dust during ordinary play activities, and adults swallow or breathe the dust when construction work is performed. Workers can bring lead-contaminated dust home on their clothes and poison their families. A little dust goes a long way. You can’t see it — only a laboratory test can tell you for sure if an area is contaminated with lead. It’s hard to sweep up, and normal cleaning methods will not pick up the dust in an area. Sweeping is not enough. You need to use water, detergent and a HEPA vacuum to clean up dust effectively. It travels-once dust is released, it is easily tracked around, inside and outside the work area. And, an exterior paint job could contaminate the inside of a home as dust, chips and leaded soil are tracked inside.

So whether your next big home project involves building a restful covered lanai for the summer, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, adding a new addition, completing a major renovation, or just repainting your home inside or out, have your walls tested for lead content to be safe.

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