The environmentally responsible New Hawaiian Home is designed and built to actively support a modern-family lifestyle. With construction commencing Feb. 1 and involving the voluntary support of more than 80 contractors and vendors, the home is on schedule to be completed shortly.

Last week we talked about the first of the six green building elements — lot design. This week the project development continues with resource efficiency — a green building element emphasized by project architects from Group 70, Green Sand Inc., Gentry Homes, Kamehameha Schools and led by Daniel Sandomire, principal of Armstrong Design Ltd.

In adhering to this green building element, architects were able to design a home that met Hawaii’s median price while answering today’s lifestyle and tomorrow’s needs. Design goals included green design, aging in place, space for a growing family, space for local-style entertaining, incorporating sustainability, durability and low-cost maintenance. Preconstruction meetings with contractors and suppliers included green training by Rhonda Goyke, principal of Green Sand Inc. as required by LEED and the ANSI National Green Building Standard for all participants.


The New Hawaiian Home is being submitted for certification to both green building programs. The LEED verifier is Mitchell Johnson, president of Pacific Sustainable Building Science LLC, while the ANSI National Green Building Standard verifier is Peter Stone principal of Pohaku Consulting.

A major green building component, cement with recycled content, was provided by Hawaiian Cement. The placed concrete for the project was provided by Homeworks Construction Inc., which included building forms, trenching for plumbing rough-ins, placing the moisture barrier and pouring the concrete footings, slab, walkways and the driveway. The concrete driveway and walkways were saw-cut by National Concrete Sawing Inc. to create a pattern while preventing ponding by directing rainwater into the planted areas. Panelized steel framed walls were fabricated off site by Steel Truss & Panel LLC to minimize waste and for quality control. Oceanview Builders Inc. framed the home with the steel framing and engineered floor joists from Honolulu Wood Treating LLC.

We invite you to our open house to learn, see and feel the difference of this new standard of home building on the following open house dates: June 12, July 10 and July 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The address is 747 22nd Ave. in Honolulu.

Karen Nakamura is executive vice president/CEO of Building Industry Association of Hawaii.