The most common causes of asphalt deterioration are water accumulation, excessive loads on the asphalt and seepage from oil and gasoline.

C. J. Peterson Services Inc., a full-service commercial pavement contractor since 1998, provides specialized knowledge and excellent customer service on new asphalt pavement, quality road surface repair, maintenance and removal. The company also provides help with construction services associated with paving, including grading and hauling.


Pavement maintenance and reconstruction need to be economically priced and expertly handled. C. J. Peterson Services Inc. uses the best machines available and has specially trained, dependable crews, which deliver the highest quality of work on every job.

Patching and tack coating is one cost-effective method of maintenance when the underlying base is structurally sound and there are numerous depressed areas. Overlays and protective coating is another practical approach to restoring asphalt.

In removing and/or inserting a new asphalt pavement, it requires accurate estimates, excellent and concise execution. Customers are always pleased when a completed project is done within budget. Inserting or laying the new asphalt requires the land to be prepped in a manner that would best assure the product being placed will have a permanence.


C. J. Peterson Services Inc.’s specialty is new asphalt pavements. Utilizing the latest Caterpillar power machines for its excavating and fine grading scope of work along with the renowned Roadtec highway and roadway milling machines, quality results are guaranteed.

Craftsmanship requires individuals who encompass the goal of distinction. This unquestionably describes the work crews of this company. Industry-experienced and skilled operators, expert drivers and qualified detailed members of the union brotherhoods, Operating Engineers Local 3 and Laborers Union Local 368, assures that C. J. Peterson Services Inc. will get the job done right, on time and for the best price.

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