Bathroom remodeling includes a dizzying array of decisions. Choosing from among so many beautiful styles, shapes, materials and innovative technologies is at once exhilarating and exhausting. Here are three steps to help you narrow the field to make the best choices:

1. Evaluate the needs of the bathroom

Do you prefer soaking in the tub or are you a showering family? Do you often need to share the bathroom in the mornings as your family gets ready to go off to work and school? Consider possible users of the bathroom: guests, family members and future owners. Will your new space work for all ages and abilities?

2. Find your style


It’s in the pictures you’ve saved as you’ve been planning your dream bathroom. Bathroom suites of fixtures, faucets and accessories designed together with just the right touches make it easy to feel confident about your product choices. Need help? Check out the “Style Advisor” at to answer six simple questions designed to help you find your perfect style.

3. Open up some space

If you rarely use your bathtub, consider pulling it out and replacing it with a shower to gain more space. A fixed showerhead paired with a handheld shower-head that has multiple spray functions at the touch of a button is a nice little luxury. If you are remodeling to accommodate an elderly or disabled family member, replace your old tub with a comfortable and accessible seated shower, designed to be easily installed within an existing tub recess.

Planning a bathroom remodel can take time and research, but having a comfortable, stylish and functional bath to come home to can make your efforts all worthwhile.