Free seminar and sale of Hawaiian SunGuard silicone coating May 14

Silicone roof coatings have experienced an explosive growth in Hawaii in the last three years — and for good reason. While the water-based acrylic roof coatings, such as Hawaiian SunGuard’s “Cool Roof in a Bucket,” are still the “go-to” coatings for most roofs, silicone offers a unique advantage in “ponding water” situations. These are roofs that have continual standing water that will not burn off even after 48 hours of no rain.


Silicone, because it is not water-based, does not absorb water over time. That makes it ideal for flat roofs in such wet areas as Manoa and the Windward side.

“However, there are some secrets about how to apply the coating,” says Ty Boughton, general manager of LeakMaster Roofing, who will be leading the seminar. “It’s a completely different technique from our other coatings. Since it does not need fabric reinforcement, in some ways it’s easier.”

Both versions of the Hawaiian SunGuard coatings will be demonstrated and on sale for one day only — Saturday, May 14, from noon to 4 p.m. — at Green Energy Outlet, located at 575-G Cooke St. in Kakaako. GEO Is Hawaii’s first public car charging station and also will be featuring free rides in the exciting Tesla electric sports car.


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