If you’re among the many savvy homeowners planning to purchase a photovoltaic solar system, you probably have an idea of the size of installation that will fill your needs, what you can afford to spend, and even some product names. But really the most important step in “going photovoltaic” is choosing the right company — one with a proven track record and long-term experience in Hawaii.

Hi-Power Solar partners Ron Romero and Matt Adams have combined experience of 35 years as solar contractors in Hawaii. “There are so many different options today in solar power that homeowners can get bogged down trying to make a decision on what will work best for them,” Romero said. “They also may have questions about the capabilities of the various dealers and installers. What happens after you buy the system? Will the same company be around to service and repair the system? Suppose it doesn’t operate according to the information you were given? What about financing?”


Romero said there are many financing options today for single-family homes installations, including leasing and Power Purchase Agreement, that may not be beneficial for the homeowner. “Before signing a lease or Power Purchase Agreement, the customer needs to read all the fine print and review it with an accountant and attorney,” Romero advises. “As an experienced company, Hi-Power Solar is familiar with all the options and can guide our clients through the maze of information about rebates, tax credits and financing, so the homeowner can make an informed decision about the system and financing program that will work best for them. In most cases a home equity line of credit is the best option. We can also provide information about referrals to credit unions that are able to offer good terms both to existing and new members.

“A photovoltaic company is only as good as the people who own and work for it … and experience and referrals from satisfied customers are really the best basis on which to choose the contractor who can provide the right system to fit your needs and reliable service going forward,” Romero said. “My partner, Matt Adams, has personally been installing solar systems continuously for the past 16 years. He has installed every type of system on every type of roof.

“If your need is simply to heat water for the home, we can give you a price for installation,” he added. “For photovoltaics, we review your current electricity charges and provide a report on what you can save. The savings will be based on the system’s size and the current usage and electricity expenditures of the client. The upfront investment is, of course, more for a photo-voltaic system than for a solar water heating system, but, over time, the investment is also recouped in savings.


“The photovoltaic system we are currently installing is the most advanced with such features as a monitoring component that enables the home or business owner to go online to check the health, performance, and efficiency of the system. We are also prepared to address concerns about aesthetics.

“The key is customization — one size does not fit all.”

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