If your sliding/single hung aluminum windows are corroded, frozen or just plain stuck, we have the solution: change your windows with EAZY Fit/Retro Fit windows by Superior Windows & Doors (distributed by RMA Sales). There is no need to cut your exterior wall to remove the old surround frame. The integrity of your exterior walls is not compromised and you save money on tear-out and installation costs.

The EAZY Fit/Retro Fit window options in aluminum surround frames include sliding, single hung, picture and awning-style windows in bronze, satin and white colors.

For vinyl lovers, the EAZY fit/Retro fit window options in vinyl surround frames include sliding, single hung, picture and louver jalousie in either white or almond colors.


In multi-level homes, the EAZY Fit/Retro Fit change-out of the windows can be done from the inside the home. The end result is $avings in labor and equipment costs to the homeowner.

The best window system that provides maximum airflow through window openings is louver jalousie windows.

Tradewind louver jalousie windows should be the window of choice for people wanting to do their part to enhance sustainability and save fossil fuels by ventilating your home naturally with Hawaii’s cool breeze. Our islands’ ideal location in the Pacific Ocean, paired with Mother Nature’s naturally cooling tradewinds, gives the louver jalousie window system the edge over other window system (sliding, single hung, or casement) in enabling maximum natural ventilation throughout the home. Consider this fact: sliding and single hung windows reduce your ventilation by 50 percent compared with louver jalousie windows. Tradewind louver jalousie windows enable the occupants of the home to regulate airflow through the window opening even when it rains. Try regulating airflow with a sliding or single hung window (not possible).

The Tradewind Louver Jalousie window system, with a choice of 4- or 6-inch louver blades, corrosion-resistant hardware in vinyl or aluminum surround frames, looks great and performs even better. The stylish vinyl surround frames are available in two colors: white and almond. The aluminum surround frames are available in bronze, satin anodized and white.


The 6-inch louver blade continues to grow in popularity. It provides the home with a chic and classy upscale look, especially when the windows are outfitted with gray or bronze tinted glass. Besides glass, other louver blade options include 6-inch and 4-inch redwood blades and 4-inch white vinyl louver blades.

Check out Superior Windows & Doors at www.superior-windows.com and Tradewind Windows at www.rmasalesco.com.

Need even more natural ventilation? Consider the energy-efficient line of whole house fans by Tamarack. Homeowners everywhere are “going green” trying to reduce their carbon footprint while keeping an eye on soaring energy costs. Whole house fans draw cool, fresh outside air into your home while pushing out hot stale air trapped in the attic through your gable vents and soffits. The Tamarack whole house fans are easy to install. They are incredibly quiet and move 1,150 CFM’s using only 78 watts! Come see the Tamarack whole house fan in action at RMA Sales. You also can visit the Tamarack website at www.tamtech.com for more information.

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If you would like more information on any of the window systems mentioned above, please contact your local window dealer, or call RMA Sales for the window dealer nearest you at 486-8894.


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