Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your home or workplace a fresh new look. It’s also a way to enhance a home’s “curb appeal” if you’re planning to sell.

Probably the most important first step if you are ready to paint the interior or exterior of your home or office building is to ensure that the painting contractor you choose is experienced and licensed.


Island Budget Painting owner Ted Wexler and his crew have combined experience of more than 37 years in the business and a very long roster of satisfied, repeat clients.

Tesoro Service Stations throughout Oahu are an example of a long-standing client of Island Budget Painting. Property managers, management companies specializing in town-homes and apartment buildings, and homeowners associations are also regular clients, requiring not only new paint jobs, but also ongoing maintenance. Realtors upgrading a home to enhance its saleability also call on Wexler, often with tight deadlines to meet. He works with some of Hawaii’s top architects and interior designers, as well as directly with homeowners.

“People often assume that because your company handles big projects, you won’t be available for the smaller jobs,” Wexler said. “That just isn’t the case with Island Budget Painting. We enjoy the challenge of transforming a house or apartment for an owner with a great paint job. Working with a large, experienced contractor does not have to cost more, because we know exactly how to proceed and have all the latest equipment. Hiring an amateur painter is like hiring a novice computer technician … they may give you a lower per hour price, but it will take them lots more time to achieve the desired results. And the results may not be exactly what you had hoped for. When we quote a price, we explain exactly what it will take to do a perfect job … meaning one that will be right the first time.”


Wexler is a specialist in color selection and can assist clients in making choices and matching existing colors or furnishings, as well as advise on the best products for the job taking into account factors such as weather conditions in the area. His crew is experienced in working at difficult job sites that may require operating within the parameters set by condominiums affecting access, parking and times that work can be performed. The company also provides concrete repair, which often is called for in commercial contracts involving older buildings that are being restored or converted for new uses. For more information, call Ted Wexler at 255-8612.


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