Town & Country Builders LLC, a licensed general contracting firm that has been serving Oahu residents for the past 30 years, specializes in custom-designed homes, remodels, additions and many other construction jobs.

In addition to c o n v e n t i o n a l means of assisting property owners with their improvements or new-home construction, Town & Country Builders LLC also offers help in locating funding for clients’ rehabilitation projects. Moderate- to low-income homeowners, for example, may be particularly interested in the company’s connection to a city program that offers funding with low interest-rate repair loans.

The program provides zero- or low interest-rate loans to qualified homeowners enabling them to repair their homes to meet basic housing quality standards. Some of the interest rates are as low as 0-3 percent, depending on income. Loans can be used to repair and correct deteriorated and hazardous conditions on the property and may be used for, among other things: solar or photovoltaic systems, worn out roof replacement, termite damages, dilapidated kitchens and bathrooms, foundation repair, damaged or worn window replacement and faulty electrical wiring or plumbing. The loan also may be used to accommodate the special needs of a disabled household member.


Many homeowners would like to repair their home but are reluctant to do so because of high monthly payments. This program, however, offers them a breath of fresh air.

The program makes it easy to qualify if the individual has equity in the property. The loan, which can be repaid over a 15-year term, comes with payments as low as $75 per month based on qualifications. The maximum loan amount is $75,000.

Lessees on Hawaiian Home Lands should note that a $50,000 grant is available to repair their home and will not have to be repaid.

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