Natural stone is a beautiful investment for your home that will last for decades with regular maintenance using the right products.

Knowing what type of natural stone you have is important, as different types of stones vary in hardiness. Hard surfaces such as granite, slate and quartzite can withstand more aggressive cleaning methods than softer stones like marble, travertine and onyx. You can test the surface in an inconspicuous area by doing a scratch test. Marble and travertine will easily scratch with a razor blade, whereas granite should not. Once identified you can determine the cleaning methods that will be most appropriate.


Island Stone Center stocks all the maintenance products for your convenience. Bellinzoni Multi Clean is a pH-balanced cleaner for any natural stone, concrete, terrazzo or quartz surface. Bellinzoni Multi Clean can be used for cleaning countertops, floors and shower walls. Always use a sponge or soft cloth, never with green scouring pads, which can cause scratches on softer stones. Don’t let spills sit on the surface too long as they can seep into countertops creating a stain.

If a stain problem does arise, it can simply be taken care of with a stain poultice called Bellinzoni Mangia Macchia. Mangia Macchia means “stain eater” in Italian, and that is exactly what it does. This is a paste that is applied over the stain and as it dries over a period of a few hours, it will “suck” up the stain in the stone. For deeper stains the product can be applied multiple times until fully removed from the surface.

Every year it is recommended to seal all natural stone with a penetrating stone sealer. An area with more frequent use needs to be sealed more often. You can test the surface to determine if sealing is needed by dropping water onto it. If the water does not bead up and quickly seeps into the stone, sealing is recommended. Easily applied by using a sponge or soft cloth, the sealer will absorb into the stone, and any remaining excess on the surface should be wiped off. Island Stone Center carries various types of sealers, Tenax Protex, Hydrex & Ager, depending on what type of protection is needed.


For additional protection for polished stone countertops, wax can be applied after the sealing process. Bellinzoni Special Preparation wax is a high-grade wax formulated for stone, creating a lasting sheen on the stone surface. Using a wax along with the sealer will help “clog” the pores of the stone and assist in repelling stains.

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