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        MARCH 26, 2023 HAWAII RENOVATION 5
                      Windows Hawaii continues to please multiple generations of homeowners as the unsur- passed leader in the field. Customers feel safe and secure after installing high-qual- ity product lines coupled with top-notch customer service.
Thanks to its stellar track record, Win- dows Hawaii has been named “Hawaii’s Best Window Replacement Company” 10 years in a row, including placing first in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s “Hawaii’s Best” people’s choice awards for nine con- secutive years.
Clients rely on the stellar products available, including the bestselling Alii Extreme windows and doors, and the ser- vice provided by the Windows Hawaii team is second to none. Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia explains that clients express immense satisfaction
after enjoying the benefits, including en- hanced security protection, of the Alii Ex- treme line.
The Windows Hawaii team is dedicated to protecting homeowners by offering Tru- View Doors, which provide an added level of security and peace of mind without sac- rificing quality or beauty. The Tru-View Door locks securely, while still letting air flow through and allowing a clear view of who may be on the other side of the door through its state-of-the-art woven stain- less steel that is sturdy and protects against corrosion.
The Tru-View Door features deadbolt security coupled with the sturdy aluminum construction that can’t be pried open with a metal or plastic insert. The stainless-steel hinges allow the door to swing open with ease, and installation is a breeze. There are even Tru-View French Door and Slid-
ing Security Door options available for beautiful and safe double-door applica- tions around one’s home.
The insulated glass unit in Alii Ex- treme windows features a thicker glass — a 1/8 to 3/16-inch combo — that low- ers incoming and outgoing noise while also increasing security. The Alii Ex- treme glass can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour, which is ideal amid Hawaii’s tropical climate, and also func- tions as a deterrent for possible burglars.
For an additional cost, homeowners may opt for added levels of protection of- fered by Windows Hawaii. An enhanced sound and security package includes sol- id 1/4-inch stainless steel sash deadbolts on sliding windows and triple-strength glass to bolster safety and durability. First Guard protection essentially triples the thickness of the laminate and allows the glass to remain in place even when fractured by flying debris or potential break ins — another popular upgrade.
Garcia stresses the importance of researching and utilizing quality products installed by industry professionals and making sure companies are vetted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), hold valid licenses, and are bonded and insured to avoid customer risk. Competitors may offer lower prices, but with that comes the increased possibility that service and product quality will be lacking, especially when compared to the high standards of Windows Hawaii.
“There are some companies out there not accredited by the BBB that mis- lead customers to think they are,” Gar- cia says. “It’s important to check with trusted sources — including the BBB, Department of Planning and Permitting, City & County records and sites such as Yelp — to find helpful reviews and guid- ance during the process.”
Call Windows Hawaii to set up a free consultation and to get more information. Financing is also available for customers.
91-226 Kauhi St., Kapolei

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