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AUGUST 21, 2022
No matter if you’re a current homeowner or simply thinking
about your dream home, choosing your contractor carefully is important.
“There’s only so much land on this island, and only so much new development that can happen here,” ob- serves Bruce Kim, president of Atlas Construction. “Ask- ing the right questions as you go through the process
of selecting a contractor, and building a picture of how your family might live in your home today, tomorrow and in the future, has never been more important.”
A fourth-generation builder in Hawaii who be- gan working for his family’s award-winning construction firm as a laborer three de- cades ago, Kim has person- ally been involved in the con- struction and renovation of hundreds of homes over the course of his career. And as
part of a team that includes members of his own ohana, Kim helped develop the pro- tocol through which a family can successfully identify and define its own needs and ex- pectations — both short and long term — for a new home.
“We actually have a four- step process that we devel- oped over 10 years ago,” he says. “We educate families on everything from a real es- tate standpoint to make sure they’re doing the right thing for themselves and their family at the right cost. We firmly believe that no mat- ter what type of project — whether it’s a $225,000 ADU or a multimillion-dollar build of a multigenerational family home — that’s hard-earned money these families are
investing into our company. We want to ensure they have adequate information before they make decisions.”
As a full-service design- build contracting firm, At- las Construction has the personnel and expertise to handle all aspects of each new project, from start to finish. The company’s team includes specialists certified in subjects like aging in place, universal design, and green building science to help families with specific needs and desires for their home designs. Atlas also hosts monthly open house events consisting of recently com- pleted projects.
“Every month we show a new house,” Kim says. “It’s like test-driving a car before
you buy it. You can see up close how we build, the type of materials we use and the quality of our work.”
Atlas’ monthly seminars cover general topics like how to plan and budget to build a new home, and what to expect during the construc- tion process. They also cover specific areas of interest, like accessory dwelling units (ADUs), which have proven to be tremendously popular with Hawaii homeowners who want more living space on their properties.
“Because of the economy and the pandemic, a lot of people are combining households and adding units to their properties, so their family members can come home,” Kim says. “We’re do-
ing new builds, rebuilds and plenty of additions and reno- vations, all to accommodate multiple generations of the same ohana.”
Through its careful plan- ning process, the Atlas team becomes intimately familiar with each client, which paves the way for design that an- ticipates, accommodates and facilitates the lifestyles of all family members.
“I think we are experts in understanding how people live, and how homes should be built to accommodate families for long periods of time with the least amount of maintenance,” Kim says. “We get to know our clients well; they become our family. We want the best for them and it shows.”
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