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MAY 22, 2022
MAY 22, 2022 H
     lent drought resistance. “Compared to other ber- mudagrasses, it needs less water to thrive. It’s also known for its superior cold- hardiness, which isn’t some- thing we worry about in Ha- waii, but this grass will do well practically anywhere,” Fong says. “It’s traffic-tolerant, drought-tolerant, best in the
bermudagrass world.” Aboveground, Tahoma
31 is known for low vertical growth, which greatly re- duces the need for frequent mowing. But beneath the surface of your lawn, this gorgeous species of ber- mudagrass will set deep, vast roots in the soil.
“Its extensive root system is believed to be exactly what gives Tahoma 31 the ability to survive, and even thrive, in times of drought,” Fong says. “This grass uses water with amazing efficiency.”
Lush and dense, fine- bladed and finely textured,
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1/2 or 2 inches.
“Mowing weekly with your
reel mower’s blade set very low is recommended if you want a surface like a putting green,” says Fong.
Resilient and forgiving, Tahoma 31 is known for improved wear tolerance. Thanks to its amazing root system, it uses less water to recover from wear. Not surprisingly, its popularity is increasing everywhere. This fine variety can now be found on major golf courses and professional sports fields, including sev- eral NFL stadiums and col- lege facilities like the USC Coliseum, as well as public areas like the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
“It’s perfect for families with active keiki who love to play outdoors,” says
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 • Where Your Ohana Is Ours • CT-37939
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irrigation, delivery, and in- stallation. Lovely Tahoma 31 is now available for home- owners who want a high- quality lawn! Call 808-371- 0527 and order your new lawn (minimum 400 square
feet) by June 30 for a $500 installation discount. Prefer to handle your own instal- lation? Visit hawaiianturf- to place your or- der and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery.
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