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MAY 8, 2022
         Christina Haack, the star of her own shows, Flip or Flop and Chris-
tina on the Coast, has used her experience and expertise in design to launch a luxury waterproof vinyl plank floor- ing that is branded with her name on it. Her shows attract more than 20 million viewers a year and have a following on Instagram of 1.6 million. Her goal is to help home- owners find a quality floor that is affordable, but also durable and stylish looking.
She has dedicated many hours of hard work to search
for a manufacturer that would make a floor that would withstand the every- day wear and tear of traffic in a home with a family and pets. The final result was a luxury waterproof vinyl plank floor that is scratch, stain and dent resistant, can uphold any messes or acci- dents from kids or pets, easy to clean and maintain, and would appeal to an array of consumer tastes.
Before putting it on the market, she had it tested in her own home with her three children and pets.
She wanted to make sure it would perform to her stan- dards because she under- stands the stress of being a mom and a homeowner. This floor is important to her because as she says, “It’s all about reducing a mom’s stress.”
The plank patterns were carefully selected by her, and consist of a wide va- riety of designs and colors that would not only suit ev- ery person’s style and taste, but also keep up with the latest trends. The collection is designed to perform and withstand the test of time. It is designed to be as good or better than anything else on the market. She says, “I would never sell a product that is not attractive or looks fake.”
She has designed and picked her top 15 realistic-
looking wood patterns that are her absolute 100% favor- ites. The target consumer is literally anyone from a start- ing homebuyer or remodel- ing project to multi-million dollar luxury homes. The 20- mil wear layer on the planks will also perform in any light commercial application.
The planks are 9 inches wide and come in 5 feet lengths with painted bev- eled edges to accentuate that plank looking wood floor. It comes with a pad- attached underlayment for sound reduction and com- fort. It has interlocking joints and installs by a floating method.
The Christina Collection is only sold by an authorized display dealer like Abbey Carpet & Floor. Visit the showroom to see samples of this new and exciting floor.
ADDRESS 560 N. Nimitz Hwy. Ste. 106,

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