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                                                                                                                                                                    ENVIROWASH HAWAII LLC
APRIL 3, 2022
            is covered, there is no pro- tection from the UV light of the sun. Most manufactur- ers incorporate some form of UV protection to reflect the light and heat.
This then leads to another serious problem with heat. Because your roof has be- come much darker, the heat it absorbs is significantly higher — in many cases, by as much as 60 degrees or more. This excessive heat is transferred into the attic space and bottom side of the roofing substrate, which, for asphalt shingle, will be- gin to dry out the petroleum base and lead to cracks and leaks. The heat that is trapped under the roof then begins to heat up with any- thing that it engages — in- cluding ducting, walls, pipes and ceilings — causing the home to be much hotter and harder to cool, and making your air conditioner units work harder than necessary.
This ultimately leads to higher energy bills and the possibility of having to prematurely replace A/C units. Every type of roof, whether asphalt shingle, tile, slate, wood, aluminum, galvanized and especially elastomeric coatings, will have a greatly reduced life if not properly treated and maintained.
Fortunately, Envirowash Hawaii LLC has the solution for this epidemic.
Owner Mike Wedge says, “Simply pressure washing a roof does nothing to solve the problem. In fact, the use of a pressure washer is highly discouraged by the American Roofing Manu- facturers Association and the roof-cleaning industry.
“Our revolutionary soft- wash process ensures that these organisms are eradi- cated and that there is no potential for damages caused by high pressure. When you compare the cost of premature roof replace- ment, along with increased
O PV Cleaning
O􏰀Soft Wash Roof Cleaning 􏰀
 O Gutter Cleaning
         O Spot Free Window Cleaning O Soft Wash House Cleaning
O Concrete Cleaning
     energy bills, you will see that it doesn’t cost to treat your roof — it pays!”
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