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              One of the key components of Allen Canter Contract- ing/Diamond Head Floor-
ing and Tile is the fact that the company adheres to industry and manufacturer’s standards. It has been educated by the brightest people in the industry. Failure to follow guidelines established by the manufacturers always leads to the flooring not meeting the con- sumers’ expectations. For example, almost 95% of “waterproof vinyl plank” sold in Hawaii is manufac- tured in China. The adhesive used to adhere the vinyl wear surface to a pad contains formaldehyde. This contains a pungent gas created through oxidation of the methanol that is the base of the glue. Test- ing results on emissions are almost nonexistent in these products.
To be safe, a consumer should request emissions testing re- sults. Mohawk Industries is a ma- jor manufacturer of vinyl plank, wood flooring and carpet. They also own Daltile. Engineered wood and bamboo flooring are the worst
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 products that contain this poison. The National Wood Flooring As- sociation (NWFA) in coordination with testing labs around the world have recommended manufacturers whose products utilize “safe” adhe- sive for bonding the wood veneer to a wood backing. Guests can go to and read all about it.
The company has attended nu- merous schools and classes that teach about “safe” products and
their applications. As a certified in- spector, when called upon to do an inspection, the first thing the com- pany asks for is a copy of the in- staller’s testing results. Ninety-eight percent of people look at us with a blank stare. Of the inspections that we have seen in 18 years, only five had a report. Without testing, the installers are already out of pocket a great deal of money, and the con- sumer is inconvenienced terribly.
Carpet is another simple problem solved that’s been seen through the decades. It appears that the tool, a power stretcher, is unknown in the local industry. When your car- pet has ripples in it after a couple of years, it is a result of the carpet not being stretched with a power stretcher. You lose your warranty. Also, carpet needs to be profes- sionally cleaned by a member of the Carpet and Rug Institute of America up to every 18 months or you have no warranty.
Tub-to-shower is a specialty of Allen Canter Contracting/Diamond Head Flooring and Tile. That sets the company apart from all others. The business uses the same prod-
ucts that Allen was taught to use over 50 years ago to ensure proper waterproofing techniques — one failure in 53 years out of thousands. We use Daltile products because we can, with confidence, know that the products from them meet or exceed industry standards. Daltile is the only true manufacturers of tile, stone and installation products here in Hawaii.
The company has floating benches, recesses, feature strips and ADA showers. After complet- ing Pioneer Plaza a few years ago, it decided to focus on residential installations. Its crew and staff look forward to meeting you all in the coming future.

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